The Arts Council of Greenwood County welcomes you to our new website.  Our organization has grown and changed over the years. Our most recent change was our move into the Federal Building which, for us, was a dream come true. Now our home is this magnificent, historic structure on Main Street in the heart of the Uptown.

The Arts Council  takes a leadership role in community cultural planning and development for the benefit of existing arts organizations, and to provide support for future development. In this vision, the Arts Council is a partner to all arts organizations, as well as an organization that designs and implements programming efforts.

The Arts Council is involved with this community in so many ways. The areas in which we offer our services include: arts education for children and adults, support for other arts organizations in Greenwood County, facilities management, and advocacy for cultural development. We hope you will visit all pages of this website to view our work in depth. Then come join us, get involved with one of our many programs or events. There are opportunities for you to be a participant, volunteer, or fundraiser. We hope to see you soon.