Rental Policy

Rental Policy

Renting the Arts Center at the Federal Building

The Arts and Visitors Center at the Federal Building is a community facility designed to serve a variety of cultural needs within Greenwood County, South Carolina. So proper care is taken with the building, exhibitions, and displays, the use of the Arts Center’s spaces and property must be carefully controlled, and in some cases, restricted. The Arts Center’s rooms are rented subject to the provisions of the Rental Agreement.

Guidelines for Using the Arts Center at the Federal Building

Exhibitions: It is understood that the space being rented may contain art on display. These works are to be considered a fixed part of the rented space and are not to be moved, altered, or rearranged in any manner.

Decorations: Inside decorations will be limited to free standing or tabletop items only. At no time, and under no circumstances, will decorations (streamers, balloons, etc.) be allowed to be adhered in any fashion to the gallery or reception hall walls and/or ceiling. There are three (3) hooks in the reception hall ceiling for hanging baskets.

Wedding receptions: Soap bubbles may be used in the courtyard as the bride and groom are departing.

Smoking: Smoking of any kind is strictly prohibited within the Arts Center or in the Courtyard.

Parking: Two-hour parking is available in front of the Arts Center and on Oregon Avenue. The lot behind the Federal Building has 30 spaces designated for the Arts Center. The numbered spaces are 11-21 and 104-122. There is no time limit on these spaces. Additional three-hour parking is available in the city lot located on Maxwell Avenue.

Downloading Detailed Rental Policies & Forms

Go to ‘Help & Support’ to download Acrobat copies of all necessary policy details, including pricing information and forms.